Inch Loss Treatment

An exciting new development. This is an extension to the Low Level Laser system, utilising cold laser light to break down fat cells completely without damage to other cells.

Areas commonly treated include the waist, midriff, back, hips, thighs, knees and upper arms.
The gentle action of the Lipogenie is rapid, non-invasive and effectively ‘deflates’ the fat cells by prompting a biochemical response known as ‘lipolysis’. The adipose cells, commonly known as fat cells, react to particular wavelengths of red laser light delivered at a particular energy density.

The application of this laser light results in the cell producing a lipase enzyme which helps break down the triglyceride cell contents into glycerol and fatty acids. It also makes the cell walls more permeable allowing fatty acids to pass through them more easily. These fatty acids are then transported via the lymphatic system and readily become available as fuel for the body.

The Lipogenie therefore triggers the natural process of releasing these contents from the fat cells as if the body was calling on them for its energy. Without the triglyceride content, the fat cells take up less space resulting in the inch loss effect.
Treatment consists of the application of red laser light using a number of smooth bars known as ’paddles’ each containing six laser diodes, which are gently held to the body by fabric wraps. The light passes through the skin without any damage or thermal effect and causes the biochemical reaction in the cells.

In practical terms, the effect is immediate and although a course of up to 8 treatments is recommended for optimal results measurable inch loss is generally achieved directly after the first treatment.

Clinical Results