The Body MOT   

In a two hour exploratory session a comprehensive screening of the body’s functions is carried out.

Numerous tests are available, and initially every client is assessed with the assistance of Biological Terrain Analysis and Electrodermal Testing.

Biological Terrain Analysis   

This test utilises an advanced computerised system to analyse urine and saliva samples. The information obtained relates to pH (acidity or alkalinity), oxidative processes (free radical activity) and electrical resistance (mineral status).

From these readings we can gain an overview of the biochemical processes relating to the body’s metabolic activities and we can observe the relation between what is taken in and what is actually absorbed. The old adage ‘we are what we eat’ is much better expressed as ‘we are what we absorb’.

Illness occurs when we have a deficiency or an excess (toxicity). The BTA test is highly efficient in revealing such metabolic imbalances.

Computerised Electrodermal Screening   

To help a client achieve optimal health it is first necessary to find out which organs or systems are in a weakened or imbalanced state. Having done this, we have to establish which treatments are most likely to be effective in restoring balance.

I have invested in a system which enables both of these things to be done with amazing speed and accuracy. Unlike my previous system, which used probes applied to acupuncture points to take readings, the ‘Asyra’ is totally automated and the client needs simply to hold two brass cylinders in the hands while the system carries out thousands of tests.

Each test takes just minutes and the results are immediately available on the computer screen. Probeless testing is the first major advance in EDS for 25 years and enables a very large number of tests to be carried out infinitely more quickly while completely eliminating operator error.

The Asyra can also be used to scan for suitable remedies, which can be any form of supplement, including herbal or homoeopathic items if the client has a particular preference. It has the additional capability of being able to ‘imprint’ a homoeopathic medium, whether pills or liquid, with appropriate remedies for the individual client.

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Results and Follow-up   

The results of these tests are immediately available as print-outs and you will have the opportunity to discuss the implications.

On the basis of these findings the main aim is to supply you with an individually tailored remedial and preventive programme on which you will be able to start immediately. Experienced advice can be given about effective supplementation, diet, etc, and you can depend on ongoing support when it is needed, whether by e-mail or telephone. Clients are encouraged to attend for a second, shorter session within 1-2 months, to check on progress.

An abbreviated repeat test is usually carried out, so that we can be sure the programme being followed is having the desired effect, or to make the necessary adjustments.

Supportive Treatments   

A number of treatments are available for test clients and for anybody else interested in addressing a specific problem, or just to maintain good health.

The most popular are Lymphatic Drainage, Low Level Laser Therapy and PEMF/FIR.